Writing Services for Galleries/Art Organizations

  • Press releases
  • Artist Statements
  • Exhibition texts
  • Website texts
  • Catalogue essays
  • Educational texts and guides
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Communications material (packages include press releases, marketing and promotions, texts, etc.)

Previous clients:

Fondazione Sciaredo, Barbara Seiler Gallery, Alpineumproduzenten Galerie, Corner College, Dienstgebäude…

Writing Services for Artists

Coming up with a statement about your work is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do as an artist.  Putting into words the complex thoughts, feelings, and reasons that go into creating artwork is a nightmare for many.  The next worst thing can be trying to create a press release that accurately captures the essence of the exhibition or new work that you would like the public to see, or the press to be aware of.  And managing the production of printed matter promoting your work, while also trying to actually make your work, is a challenge that you might prefer not to deal with, as it is a distraction to your ability to create.

For all this you need an objective eye who can condense your complex thoughts into short yet sophisticated soundbites for the press to catch on to, and who can create convincing and sophisticated marketing materials that explain your work and make it accessible to the public and your clientele.

I specialize in developing the following:

  • Artist statements
  • Press releases
  • Communications (brochures, texts, publication essays)
  • Portfolio production (artwork selection and documentation)
  • Website management and set-up
  • Grant Writing
  • and Professional consulting for today’s entrepreneurial artist.

For fees for any or all of these services (as a package), please email me directly at olgastefanconsulting(at)yahoo(dot)com

Previous Clients:

Anni Dore, Pascal Häusermann, Josh Bridgwater, Elizabeth Henry Economou…

Previous Publishing Projects

Co-editor of Prompt, a biannual journal integrating art, ideas, and action.

  • Developed the vision and concept of journal
  • Established an editorial board
  • Raised funds to develop budget for production and distribution
  • Supervised the design and production
  • Worked in a team to develop article and section ideas

Just Another Brick in the Wall: Models of Art Production in Romania exhibition catalogue featuring exhibition text and interviews.

  • Developed concept and content, and produced the publication.

Exhibition Texts

Articles Written and Published

  • Please click here for samples of art reviews in international publications
  • Please click here for samples of published general articles on art history and culture